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What is Isekai and Why You Should Know

Isekai will transform you to “another” world. That is not an over statement. That is literally what isekai mean. It’s translated as “different world” or “ otherworld”. It’s a Japanese genre of manga, anime, video games or novels. What makes isekai different from other genres in Japanese culture is it’s specifically about a person who’s transported to and has to survive in another world. It can be a fantasy world, virtual world, planet, galaxy or even universe.

The idea of isekai is making the audience learn about the new world at the same pace as the main character. We can find excitement by having an idea of what world the main character has before and where they’re transported. It’s definitely not a new idea. The first story considered an isekai is the story of Urashima Taro. A legend of a Japanese fisherman goes 100 years into the future. This story is written in the 8th century. That is insane isn’t it?

The classic isekai is usually a protagonist using the concept of “chosen hero”. Which they have done something or to do something as the reason why they’re transported to a different world. A “second chance” or “reincarnation” are common things in the isekai genre.

The genre of isekai generally can be divided into two types. “Transition into Another World” or “Reincarnation into Another World”. As it said, the main character can be transported to another world. E.g from the modern day to medieval world or as simply reincarnated as their younger self, reincarnated to another creatore etc.

This is interesting because isekai gives us different perspectives of fantasy. We’re not consuming a fantasy world as it is, we’re enjoying a fantasy world with a context before. With something we can relate at first. The struggle of the main character facing a new world, a whole different world is relatable. Our imagination can be served with something we think can happen to ourselves.

If you’re getting interested in the isekai genre, I’ve been playing this game Memories Interactive. There’s an isekai novel games as one of their stories. You can download the game here for iOS and here for Android


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