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Isekai Will Fulfil Your Wish

Isekai can transform you to another world of fantasy. But do you know it also can fulfil your wish? As a genre of many japanese products such as novels, comics, movies, anime, etc. Isekai is known for serving two different worlds. Where they’re transferred from one world to another. The story itself revolves around how the character is surviving and achieving goals they have to do in another world different from them.

It’s offering us a relatable fantasy. Where usually the character is transferred from a modern normal world like ours to a crazy, insane and -sometimes doesn’t make sense- world. That idea makes isekai one of the most popular anime or manga sub genres of all time. There’re -maybe- thousands of releases of anime & manga for the past 5 years only. Proving that this genre is having a sustained fanbase up until now despite other big names of anime & manga that’s still going on.

But what if I told you it doesn’t stop there? There’s still one other interesting fact about this genre that’s making it so wildly popular right now. Most of the isekai stories use wish fulfillment. Most isekai stories are about the deepest desire. Let’s put it this way. The main character is mostly an outcast. Somebody who’s doesnt important in the “normal” world they’re living in. To be honest like most of us right? Then they’re transferred to a world where they are the “chosen one”. The main hero. Somebody who’s really important. Someone who’s everybody counting on to save the world.

Most of it happened because of cheat ability. So these main character when they’re arrive in the “other world” they didnt came with bare hands. Usually they came with an ability. Sometimes an overpower one. Let’s take the Isekai wa Smartphone for example. The main character is not only getting a super magical smartphone to transform from one world to another. He also has an overpowering magical ability more than the people from the other world. Let’s take another, Death March Kara Hajimaru Isekai where the main character can super easily improve his ability.

That kind of wish fulfilment in my opinion is why isekai is a popular genre. I believe some of us look at entertainment as a way to escape reality. A boring daily life where you’re not important at all. A mediocre at it best. So watching a fantasy story more specifically fulfill your wish (at least your imagination) can be really entertaining. Even when some others hate this kind of wish fulfillment premise. I believe it just a matter of taste and how you’re seeing isekai as a source of entertainment.

Speaking of isekai, I’m currently playing Memories Interactive since i’m in love with the isekai genre these days, Memories is an interactive otome genre visual novel platform, your choices will change the game. If you want to play it to you can download it here for iOS and here for Android


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